quarta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2012

Focus on good things

The way I am feeling now?
Amazing! Increadible! excited!
Very, very, very HAPPY!
I GET A JOB! \o/
I fight for it and I get it!
And the most important: I'm loving it!

Now, I'm feeling capable to do anything I want!
Today, like I never felt before, I'm confident,
determinated, convinced about my skills, my abilities, my knowledge...
I wish I could feel like this every single day of my life...
I deserved what I reached it...I know...
But, even if this sounds strange, it's difficult always focus on
the things that make us happy and forget those upset us...

I think this is the secret of a happy and peaceful life:

We all have the ability to be happy every day!
The most important is Focus on the things
that are making you happy at this moment,
things that are working out for you!
Bad things will be always present on our lifes,
no matter the moment we are experiencing.

Kisses, Grazy

4 comentários:

  1. Hey girl!
    Did you decide to write in English now? I don't know if I can communicate in another language anymore, but, at least, i'm trying.
    If you understand I'll think my English is OK, hahahaha.
    I'm happy for your new job, now as a engineer, moreover, when I accessed your blog to read this post I saw "uma geminiana faceira, estudante de engenharia". Ok, forever students, however I think you must put electricity engineer, don't you?
    It's more compatible with you successful!

  2. Hiii!!!

    You are right!
    I forgot change this...hahaha!
    and "Forever students", I think it is...
    we can't stop learning and improving our knowledge! :)

    I loved your comment!
    and I (think) understood everything that you wrote!

    kisses, dear!

  3. Hi love,
    brilliant timing; how funny as I really needed someone to remind me of my focus again! On good things that is. Truly, another proof how coincidence just not exists :) Writing in english and not your native language is so much appreciated!!! next time I'll put some effort in and will give google translator a go or ask one of my portugues/brazilian colleagues to help me out.
    Thanks again

  4. Olá vizinha.

    Parabéns, garota.
    Você merece!!
    Muito SUCESSO e felicidade pra ti, querida.



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